Dr. Raúl
Martínez Vite

  • Otolaryngology specialist, UANL
  • Medical Degree, UDEM
  • Specialty training in Barcelona & Madrid
  • Postgraduate courses in Rhinology, Facial Surgery and endoscopic sinus surgery, UNAM
  • Assistant professor in the postgraduate fellow in
  • Sleep Disturbances and Applied Rhinology, UANL ISSSTE Monterrey
  • International conferences & speaker experience


  • International Sleep Surgery Society Member
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine Member
  • Board Certified by the Mexican Board of ENT 2018-2023
  • Active member of the ENT Mexican Federation
  • Mexican Society of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
  • Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery Mexican Society Member
  • Association of ENT and Cervicofacial Surgery of the State of Nuevo León
  • Full Surgical privileges in certified hospitals in Mexico

Working Team

We work hand in had with certified, high level specialists to assist

in our therapies and follow-ups. Anesthesia, pediatrics, ophthalmic,

neurosurgeons, dermatologists, internists, therapists, pulmonologists,

oncologists, maxillofacial and plastic surgeons. Surgeries are only

offered in the best certified hospitals, to assure the best quality of

service, equipment and human resources are available at all times,

caring for the wellbeing and safety of our patients.

  • We work primarily at the Hospital Zambrano Hellion TecSalud
    , with a privileged location in Av. Batallón de San Patricio 112, Col. Real San Agustin 66278, SPGG
  • We accept all mayor medical insurance
  • Special arrangements for our foreign patients.

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What is Sleep Apnea?

Learn to identify it with its signs and symptoms


Symptoms associated with

Sleep Disturbed Breathing include:

  • Sleepiness through the day
  • Low concentration
  • Morning headaches
  • Irritability, anxiety, stress
  • Mild depression
  • Night Sweats
  • Weight gain or difficulty to drop weight
  • Night cravings
  • Tiredeness
  • Losing memory
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Night urination
  • Snoring and gasping during sleep.

Have you been diagnosed?

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